SWANA FL National Garbage Man Day

  • 17 Jun 2016
  • Jacksonville, FL

In Praise of the Garbage Collectors

National Garbage Man Day is celebrated the week of June 17th. Theirs is a tough job that makes everyone’s lives a little easier, a little cleaner and a whole lot more pleasant. Refuse collection and removal is part of the natural rhythm. In our neighborhoods, we all count on the garbage collectors to remove our discards on a weekly basis.

How much trash do we create? The Environmental Protection Agency uses a rough value of 1 ton per person per year. That doesn’t mean each person individually generates that much trash. But, each person causes that much trash to be created through their daily activities of working, eating, shopping, etc. More than half of this waste is from individual homes and the rest is a product of our businesses. Every pound of that waste is handled by a garbage collector. They work in dirty, dangerous conditions in all kinds of weather to keep our community clean. 

SWANA FL is celebrating Garbage/Recycling Collectors with a photo contest. We encourage members to e-mail us photos of workers in action. Please send in your photos before June 17, 2016. The photos will be posted on SWANA FL's Facebook page. Share your photos and give your hardworking staff credit.

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