INDUSTRY EVENT: EREF Project Review Site Visit at FSU - Landfill Emissions and Methane Oxidation Field-Scale Test Sections Experiment

  • 21 Apr 2017
  • Florida State University

The Environmental Research & Education Foundation will be conducting a project review visit at the Florida State University for Tarek Abichou’s project titled “Landfill Emissions and Methane Oxidation: Field-Scale Test Sections Experiment” on April 21, 2017 10:00 am to 1:30 pm. Registration is free and lunch will be provided.

This meeting will discuss research evaluating the effects of a daily cover, interim soil cover and compost bio-cover on methane emissions. Results from this study evaluate the relationship between methane loading to landfill covers and methane oxidation. Preliminary observations using a field-scale mass-balance approach suggest that the percent oxidation assigned by EPA Rules for landfill interim covers is significantly lower than field-based values.

Attend this project review to learn more about the methane oxidation potential for other landfill covers. This project, as well as the State of Landfill Emission and Methane Oxidation Research, will be presented as part of the meeting.

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