INDUSTRY EVENT: APWA Florida Chapter Solid Waste Management Webinar

  • 27 Apr 2017
  • Live Webinar

APWA Florida Chapter Webinar Series

APWA Florida Chapter Solid Waste Management Webinar

This webinar will address the need for solid waste and public works managers to understand the essential facets of cost of service analysis and rate making. This includes how to plan for such studies and what critical answers about agency operations can be provided as a result of such studies. The presentation will include case studies derived from experiences on some 50 different cost of service analyses.

Demands from the public to keep local government "lean and mean" has oftentimes meant that solid waste agencies have not raised solid waste collection or disposal rates, even when their costs for critical items such as fuel, maintenance, insurance, and worker health benefits have increased dramatically. By learning how to properly account for the cost of services, solid waste managers can confidently and precisely explain their financial needs to public officials and the community. This webinar will provide a look at the tools that can allow managers to set rates based upon solid, data-driven knowledge.

Getting a handle on the costs for your agency to provide solid waste services should be a key focus for any professional solid waste or public works manager. Join this webinar to learn how to do just that from a seasoned professional and the co-author of the Solid Waste Rate Setting and Financing Guide, published by the American Public Works Association. 

Chas Jordan, Florida Chapter American Public Works Association



Marc Rogoff, Ph.D., Project Director, SCS Engineers

Marc Rogoff is the Southeast Manager of the SCS's Sustainable Materials Management Program.  He has conducted more than 50 rate and financial analysis projects over the past 30 years. 

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