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SWANA FL Scholarship Program Description

Apply by May 1st

The Florida Sunshine Chapter of SWANA hereby establishes a Scholarship Fund to assist deserving students in obtaining a post-secondary education, as long as certain requirements, as outlined below, are met.


Up to two scholarships will be awarded.  Each scholarship will be valued at $2,000.00 per student, per school year. It will be awarded in increments of $1,000.00 each, for two semesters, upon receipt, by the Board of Directors of the SWANA Florida Sunshine Chapter, of student status documentation in January and August. Payment will be made in the form of a check, payable to the student to be used for tuition, books, fees, school supplies and/or living expenses as needed.


Following are the requirements to be considered for this scholarship:

1.     Applicant must be a senior or former graduate of a State of Florida High School.

2.     Applicant must have a minimum grade point average of 3.0, based upon on 4.0 system.

3.     Application is due by May 1 for the following school semester.

4.     Applicant must be accepted as a full-time student, or a part-time student taking at least two classes, at a postsecondary accredited institution of higher learning.

5.     Two letters of recommendation from persons of high regard dealing with the student’s education, extracurricular or community activities must accompany application.

6.     The applicant must submit a letter detailing their educational career ambitions.

7.     Only one scholarship will be awarded per student. Therefore, you will be considered ineligible if you have previously received a scholarship from the SWANA Florida Sunshine Chapter.

8.     Applicant with one of his/her parents or legal guardians working in the Solid Waste industry and/or active SWANA member will be given additional consideration.

9.     Applicant pursuing college degree in environmental or solid waste related study fields will be given additional consideration.

Please return completed scholarship application to: 
SWANA Florida Sunshine Chapter
3724 Johnathon Ave., Palm Harbor, FL 34685

OR email to

PHONE: (727) 940-8855 / FAX: (727) 231-0693

Your completed application will be forwarded to our Scholarship Chair, for recommendation and review by the Board of Directors.          

 Scholarship Application

Three Additional Scholarships are Available

In addition to the Florida SWANA student scholarships, three additional scholarships are available through SWANA International.

SWANA International Scholarships

To apply for these scholarships, students need to submit their complete application to by May 1st. The Florida Chapter will review and score the applications based on eligibility criteria provided in the application packet. After scoring, the Florida Chapter will submit one candidate per category to SWANA International for consideration.     

Awards Chair
Tammy Hayes
(W) 813-281-2900
CDM Smith

Scholarship Chair
Nathan Mayer
(W) 561-758-7130
Solid Waste Authority of
Palm Beach County