Tammy Hayes Leads the Way: New Board of Directors Ready for FY2025

Tammy Hayes Leads the Way: New Board of Directors Ready for FY2025

July 1, 2024 – Tammy Hayes has been appointed as President of the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA), joining other industry leaders who have been appointed to the board of directors, Together, the board members will
play integral roles in guiding the organization’s mission to advance the solid waste and resource management industry.

With a commitment to sustainability, innovation, and professional development, SWANA continues to strengthen its board of directors with individuals who bring diverse expertise and a shared dedication to shaping the future of waste management across North

“We are thrilled to welcome our new board members and leaders,” said Amy Lestition Burke, MA, FASAE, CAE, Executive Director & CEO at SWANA. “Their extensive experience and passion for environmental stewardship will be invaluable as we navigate challenges and opportunities in our industry. Together, we aim to foster collaboration, drive innovation, promote safety, and educate others on best practices that enhance the sustainability and efficiency of waste and resource management practices.”

Congratulations to the SWANA FY2025 Board of Directors:

Tammy Hayes, President Elizabeth Roe, Vice President Lynsey Baer, Treasurer Kevin Roche, Secretary Art Mercer, Past President Susanne Passantino Allison Trulock Hailey Tatum James Moore Preston LeeTimothy Stephens Tiffany Dunn Dan Cooper Philip Westmoreland Gary Conover Carla Jordan John Welch John Hawk Mary Shanks Achilles Mallari Shannan McGarr

The SWANA Board of Directors includes delegates who represent the private sector, the technical divisions, the young professionals, and the 13 geographical regions that represent the chapters.

Click here to view the full slate of SWANA Board of Directors and Advisory Board delegates.

The newly appointed board members and leaders bring a wealth of knowledge from various sectors within the industry, including environmental engineering, public policy, and sustainability management. Their collective vision aligns with SWANA’s mission
to educate, advocate, and provide resources that empower professionals to create a more sustainable and resilient waste management infrastructure.

“As President, I’m looking forward to advancing SWANA’s Strategic Plan by emphasizing and supporting its mission and goals,” said Tammy Hayes, newly appointed President of SWANA.

“I’m excited to help shape the future of our association. We’re working to simplify and modify our policies, practices, and systems to serve all our members more efficiently, and to offer better experiences for everyone in the solid
waste and resource management industry,” continued Hayes.

Art Mercer will transition to the role of Past President of SWANA.

“I am confident in the continued success and prosperity of SWANA. The foundation we have built together is strong, and I have no doubt that under new leadership, our association will continue to grow and evolve. Thank you to the SWANA Board of Directors,
staff, volunteers, and members who made my tenure as president a truly rewarding experience,” Mercer said.

“SWANA appreciates the dedication and hard work of the outgoing board members – Past President Tim Flanagan, Director Mike Thornton, Director Mitch Kessler, Director Mary Wittry and Director Sheri Praski. Their contributions have been invaluable,
and I have appreciated their support since I’ve joined SWANA,” Lestition Burke said.

As SWANA looks ahead to future initiatives and projects, these individuals will contribute their insights and leadership to advance the association’s strategic goals and strengthen its position as a leading voice in the solid waste management industry.

“One of the ways we can remain strong is by giving our members great experiences that they’ll go out and share with their colleagues. Since conferences are some of the components I’m most passionate about, I hope to work on really strengthening
that experience,” explained Hayes. “I consider this to be the pinnacle of my career at a pivotal time for SWANA and I’m excited about helping to shape the future of our association. I especially look forward to working with our board
and staff on reinventing our annual conference to make it a great experience for everyone!”

Visit the SWANA Governance page for more information.