SWANA Executive Director reappointed to US Commerce Department advisory committee

SWANA Executive Director reappointed to US Commerce Department advisory committee

SWANA will continue advising US government on expanding US exports of solid waste goods and services

Silver Spring, MD – The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) is pleased to announce David Biderman, SWANA CEO and Executive Director, has been appointed again to the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Environmental Technologies Trade Advisory Committee (ETTAC), representing the waste management and resource management segments of the U.S. environmental technology industry.

Biderman was initially appointed to the committee for a two-year term in 2016 and is thrilled to continue to serve term after term. As part of ETTAC, Biderman provides important advice to government officials and others on the development and administration of initiatives that expand US exports of environmental technologies, goods, and services. He chaired ETTAC’s Waste Management & Circular Economy subcommittee in 2021–22, which produced important recommendations concerning closing dumpsites, a proposed international plastic pollution prevention treaty, and other waste and recycling issues.

“I am honored to be reappointed to this important governmental advisory committee and represent SWANA and the US solid waste sector,” stated Biderman. “The growing global challenges associated with Climate Change, marine litter, plastic pollution, and environmental protection demand action. U.S. companies have substantial expertise in these areas and can assist developing nations achieve their sustainability goals,” Biderman added.

Biderman’s involvement in ETTAC has increased the interactions between government agencies, SWANA, and other companies in the solid waste and recycling industry. SWANA has expanded its international profile in recent years. In 2020, SWANA delivered a landfill training and capacity building education program to nearly 100 landfill managers and governmental officials, primarily from Colombia. SWANA provided landfill and transfer station training in Belize in November 2022, and has written several reports for the Inter-American Development Bank. SWANA is currently having discussions with several solid waste stakeholders in Latin America and the Caribbean concerning future projects.

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