SWANA to Redevelop Leading Industry Certification and Course for Managers of Landfill Operations

SWANA to Redevelop Leading Industry Certification and Course for Managers of Landfill Operations

Silver Spring, MD – The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) has issued a Request for Proposals to redevelop the leading industry certification and course for Managers of Landfill Operations (MOLO). Proposals are due by August 28, 8:00 p.m. EDT. A mandatory conference call for prospective respondents is scheduled for August 6, 2:00 p.m. EDT.

Over the years, thousands of industry professionals have become more proficient in managing landfills after taking the MOLO course and have distinguished themselves by earning the coveted MOLO credential. This project extends the value of the MOLO program by updating the certification to reflect the competencies required of today’s landfill managers and ensuring the course incorporates the standards, practices, and technologies needed to manage modern landfills. “With the number of landfills decreasing, it becomes more important than ever for them to be well-managed from an operational, environmental, and community perspective. The updated MOLO course will provide the companies and agencies that own and operate landfills with the information, tools, and skills their landfill operators need to be successful,” said David Biderman, SWANA Executive Director and CEO.

SWANA seeks a consultant group to manage the project. The Contract Project Manager (CPM) will work with SWANA staff and subject matter experts (SMEs) with expertise managing active and open municipal solid waste landfills to form two distinct groups – the Certification Exam Redevelopment Group and the Course Redevelopment Group. SMEs and CPM representatives serving in one group may not serve on the other in keeping with standards requiring separation between certification, training, and course development activities. Subject matter experts interested in serving on either group should contact Arminda Valles-Hall, Director of Member Learning & Education, at 240.494.2251,

“This exciting project represents a major departure from how SWANA has traditionally developed its certification-related training,” said Meri Beth Wojtaszek, SWANA Deputy Executive Director. Past course development efforts have resulted in one very large course manual of several hundred pages that offered a comprehensive look at a field of study, like the management of landfill operations. If a student required training on one aspect of the field, they had to take the entire course.

“With this project, SWANA is developing a more personalized and customized learning experience,” Wojtaszek said. “The new MOLO course will be available as individual learning modules, each of which will provide a stand-alone educational experience about the primary topics covered in that module. Depending on their educational needs, students will have the option to access one or multiple modules to fill knowledge gaps selectively or consume the modules as a set for a comprehensive education on the management of landfill operations.” Further, the MOLO course—in its entirety or as individual modules—will be available in digital and live, instructor-led formats.

For complete details and guidance on how to respond, Download the RFP, Draft Agreement, and Other Materials. Included among the supplemental materials are the dial-in instructions for the mandatory August 6 conference call for prospective Respondents.

RFP Contact:

Arminda Valles-Hall, Director of Education