2024 SWANA FL Winter Conference

2024 SWANA FL Winter Conference

02/19/2024 - 02/21/2024

Drury Plaza Hotel Orlando - Disney Springs Area
2000 Hotel Plaza Blvd
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

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Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Landfill Design for Operations: Money Now or Headaches Later Part 1 | Part 2 | Jason Timmons, Sarasota County

Current Regulatory and Legislative Issues Facing the Waste to Energy Industry: A FWTEC Perspective | Joe Kilsheimer, FWTEC

Synergy – The United States Composting Council (USCC) and the Florida Composting Council’s (FLCC) Efforts to Expand Composting in the State of Florida | Chris Snow, Veransa, Inc.

A Critical Review of Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluroroalkyl Substances (PFAS) Landfill Disposal in the US | Nicole Robey, Innovative Technical Solution

Leachate Evaporation for PFAS Separation | Matt Holub and Mike Ditton, Heartland Water Technology

Operation and Cost Considerations – PFAS Treatment in Landfill Leachate | Ivan Cooper, Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.

Disaster Debris Preparedness and Response Panel | Amanda Condomina, Lee County Solid Waste, Joe Hayes, CrowderGulf Disaster Recovery & Debris Management, Nicole Lehman, Thompson Consulting Services

2023 Puerto Rico Waste Characterization Study | Jill Gaffigan, Giorgio Castro and Bishow Shaha, Geosyntec Consultants; Aurimar Rodriguez Morales and Hanna K. Rodriguez Morales, IEMES

Desktop Waste Characterization: An Alternative to Traditional Waste Sorts | Sarah Gustitus-Graham, Geosyntec Consultants

Florida Organics Recycling Center for Excellence (FORCE) | Mitch Kessler, Kessler Consulting

Is Separate Food Waste Collection and Management on the Horizon | David Deans, SWANA FL Past President

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Revolutionize Waste Management: Targeting Contamination and Overflows at the Source | Kelly Braman, Waste Vision AI and Matthew Brown, Coastal Waste & Recycling

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Threads for Teds: A Sustainable Approach to Textile Waste | Lauren “Xue” Lotenfoe, City of Orlando

Quantifying the Impact of Recycling Contamination on Acceptable Materials | Brent Dieleman, SCS Engineers, Jeanmarie Massa, Miami-Dade County

Leaf It Out: Eliminating Plastic Bags from the Yard Waste Stream | Brian Usher and Wendi Crisp, Sarasota County Solid Waste

How to Effectively Engage Through Powerful Partnerships and Constructive Communications | Samantha Kappalman, RRS, Marissa Segundo, Transformations PR

Trash on Fire: A Lithium Battery Public Education Campaign | Jessica Winter, Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County

Legislative Update | Willie Puz, Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County